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Still in the dark about which Web Design Company is right for you?

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With thousands of options, it’s difficult to find the best one.

Brandemic has made it easier for you to find the top trusted web development companies in Bangalore with this blog.

Explore our top 10 list and choose the one that’s right for yourself!

Please note: The below agencies have not been ranked in any particular order.

1. Brandemic

We believe we can turn your business into a world-class brand. What started as a passion project has turned into our proudest identity. We are an award-winning Branding Agency, led by the thought processes of 4 guys in their mid-20s, with diverse backgrounds and experiences that keep us grounded while we grow from experience to exciting new projects! We have completed over 200 projects successfully – Each project requiring a different kind of approach and skillset. You can rely on us to partner with you on your dream project.

We provide:

Web Presence: Website development, UI/UX Design, E-commerce website

Brand Strategy:  Unique brand names, Killer Differentiation strategy that is brand positioning against your competitors, Launch strategy, Ad Campaign

Brand Visuals: Logo, tagline, business cards, brochure, corporate presentation’s, flyers, Social media ads, Brand style guide/manual, etc.

Video Animation & 4-D Production: Logo Animations, Explainer Videos, Launch Videos, Product Videos, App Promos

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2. Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt.Ltd

Aalpha information systems Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service software development company with dedicated experts delivering top-rated web & mobile apps for companies of all sizes. Based in India Bangalore 

3. Hyperlink infoSaystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a trustworthy web development company situated in India and has offices in the USA, UK, France, and Canada. The company offers precise and professional website development services within a budget to leverage and expand your online business. They identify the exact demand of the client and generate websites with excellent strategy & planning. Since its inception, the company has worked with almost 2,300 plus worldwide clients, delivered 3,500+ apps and 2,000+ website projects for custom requirements.

4. Techuz

Techuz  located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India was founded in 2012 by a group of highly innovate and farsighted technology mavens with the philosophy of delivering on promises as our first priority. the services provided by them are Web Development, JavaScript Development, Mobile App Development, Concept Design (Prototyping), Cloud Services, etc.

5. CDN Solutions

CDN Solutions brings over a decade of expertise in delivering cutting-edge software development solutions. With a strong commitment to understanding their clients’ needs, they specialize in leveraging the latest technologies to provide customized solutions that efficiently and cost-effectively address challenges. From web and mobile app development to enterprise solutions and IoT services, CDN Solutions is dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative and scalable technology solutions that drive growth and success.

6. TatvaSoft

TatvaSoft With over 1800 completed projects and a clientele of over 700 companies, TatvaSoft develops custom software that solves complex business challenges. They work with clients of all sizes across all industries. Located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat,

7. Indus Net Technologies Pvt Ltd

It’s mobile app development services have been used by dozens of enterprise clients around the world, including MasterCard. This India(Kolkata) based agency was founded on a will to be great, and it is already making waves with its work for enterprise clients and startups.

8. Net Solutions

Net Solutions is based out of India Chandigarh, They have expertise in mobile app and custom software development for businesses in the mid-market and enterprise space. Forrester named them one of the top 65 digital service providers in the world. 

9. Capital Numbers

Based in Kolkata, India with offices in the USA, Sweden, and Australia, Capital Numbers is an ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and SOC 2 certified digital solutions company with 600+ experts. Founded in 2012, Capital Numbers is headquartered in Kolkata, India, and has offices in the USA, Sweden, and Australia.

10. HData Systems

In India, HData Systems specialises in data science and helps companies increase their productivity and efficiency through analytical approaches. It provides services including software development for apps, web design, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, etc.


With the sudden increase in demand for having a one-of-a-kind website, everyone has figured out that the right Web Development Companies are the key to success in today’s digital age.

And after reading this blog, you are on your way to choosing the right Web Design Company for your business.

As you can see, a logo is an integral part of building your business. Our logo designers and branding experts can help you create a unique and effective image to represent your company’s best qualities. Looking For The Best Logo Designers In India? We’ve Got Your Back.


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