Uncovering and Overcoming branding challenges and opportunities



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We like to put a face to the voice when we speak to someone. Surprisingly, it improves our memory and connection. The same is true for a product, service, or company. 

When a potential buyer is given a voice/face to relate with, the chances of an emotional association increase dramatically, this voice is referred to as branding.

Branding embodies who you are, what you stand for, and what distinguishes you from the competition. It is a commitment made to your clients. Aside from being memorable, catchy, and unique, your brand must have a competitive advantage.

The challenge is that brands are living, breathing entities that must be constantly maintained to function properly. We’ve compiled a list of branding challenges and opportunities to help you create an impactful brand identity for your business.

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What are branding challenges and opportunities

With ever-changing trends and new start-ups entering the market daily, life is difficult for brand owners. Finding the perfect balance can be mind-numbing at times. 

Regardless of the numerous challenges associated with branding, there are some typical ones you should avoid if you want to protect your brand from dwindling:

Challenge 1: Artificial advertising

Today’s consumers are far more intelligent than you think. They can learn about your brand and its products from YouTubers, social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and pretty much anybody with a camera who can shoot and edit videos.

So if the image you showcase is not precisely what you are selling, you’ll be in a soup. 

Take the cosmetic industry, for example. Earlier, people would go simply by the information given on the packaging. Now, they would instead read every detail, including the ingredient list. Today’s buyers are conscious of their choices, so don’t even try to fake it till you make it.

Challenge 2: Forgetting brand values

Almost no one has built a successful brand with a one-time customer base. You need repetitive customers for your brand to thrive in the desired industry. How do you make that? Besides ensuring that your brand voice resonates emotionally, your brand values need to be aligned too. 

Once you have defined the values, DO NOT change them. STICK to your values or the chances are you’ll lose the loyalty points. 

The tragic fall of Benetton is a great example here. Do not be arrogant and think you can do no wrong.

Challenge 3: Stand out from the clutter

The constant churning of advertising and marketing material is significant, but you must be mindful of what you are putting out there. You cannot bombard consumers with hundreds and thousands of ads just because you can. A creative strategy is vital to carve out your niche and stand out. 

Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes when your creativity cannot be hacked. Think of something that can make their life conveniently easy and then promote it. Everybody needs some convenience in their life. It is addictive!!

Challenge 4: Communication

A good brand needs a good customer base to survive. How can you achieve that? Clear communication. This is a common challenge in effective branding. The problem and solution may seem easy, but they can be tricky to implement. 

One of the best brands you can learn communication from is BTS. They have nailed brand loyalty and how. Remember the fundamental things: your brand voice and values need to be very clear in your head for you to convey them distinctly. 

It is simple, imagine how many relationships you could have saved had you communicated effectively. 

Challenge 5: Consistency

More often than not, brands tend to lose sight of their vision in the long run. Do not think you need to try and dip your toe in every stream. Stick to what you know and be consistent in it. 

If you are doing everything right but still unable to see results, it can be because you lack consistency. You cannot be creative every day, but you can be consistent. 

Jogging Baboon from BoJack Horseman says, “Every day it gets a little easier… But you gotta do it every day — that’s the hard part. But it does get easier.”

Now that you know the challenges, let us tap into these basic yet effective opportunities to excel in your industry

Opportunity 1: Social media presence

Where do your customers spend most of their free time? So, where should you target the audience the most? Yep, Social media. 

 Pay attention to building a solid social media presence. Use this opportunity to create creative, crisp campaigns targeting your prey audience. 

Many tools are available to help you analyze your ads, the reach, and much more. Think of social media as a sales door opportunity in the digital world. You can bring in a flood of offers with a perfect marketing strategy.

Opportunity 2: Customer services

Amazon has nailed the customer service aspect of the business. Why do we prefer ordering from Amazon? Because you know your problems will be prioritized here.

Good customer service can help you get better repeat customers and boost sales. Studies show that 86% of the population will pay more for better customer service.

A smooth customer experience can help you build trust and gain a reputation in the market. It is an intangible asset that can help you in the long run.

Opportunity 3: Take accountability

If you think people will connect with you only if you are prim, poised, and precise, then you are wrong. Everyone loves a good story, and what is branding and marketing, if not a storytelling competition? 

If you have goofed up in the past or compromised on your products, come clean! Show your good, bad, and worse. Give the audience a chance to forgive you rather than sweeping the dirt under the rug. 

The best example is a famous YouTuber–Tanmay Bhat. He not only rebuilt his brand but made it ten times more potent. We will leave it up to you to figure out the how. 

Don’t think your audience is not up to date or that they will never find it out. There is nothing classier than owing up to your mistakes. Tell your audience you are not perfect; chances are they’ll relate.

Opportunity 4: Be creative

Sometimes walking on the paved path is good, but often you must take a different route if you want unlikely results. Change is the only constant in this industry. So, you needn’t join the bandwagon at every chance you get.

Think out of the box, and take inspiration from other projects or ideas. Take a risk now and then if you want rewards. Find a perfect balance between following trends and setting them. And visit that rabbit hole whenever inspiration does not strike. 

A great book to learn creativity from is Steal Like An Artist, by Austin Kleon.

Opportunity 5: Target audience

Don’t sell your product to every Tom, Dick and Harry because you want to make a profit. Just as you decide your brand value, voice and goals, be mindful to determine who your target audience is.

 Always have a niche in mind to achieve your goals faster. You can design better campaigns and earn the right rewards if you stick to them. 

Take Starbucks as an example. They don’t serve just coffee; they serve a premium experience for people who can afford it. People don’t come to them for the coffee; they go to them for the status. 

Nescafé, on the other hand, is a coffee brand that is economical, reliable, and gives just what you want. Both these brands sell the same stuff, but their audience is different. And hence, their results are different, and nobody tries to switch their lane for obvious reasons.


Every key comes with a lock, the same way every problem comes with a solution; all you need is a head-on attitude and patience. Brainstorm with the team, let new heads take over, and always keep an open mind. Try a mix-and-match of problem-solving techniques until the code is cracked or your brain is whacked. We hope this article was worth your time 🙂