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Brandemic’s Inception is still a mystery
(Much like the Bitcoin)

But what we can tell you is, it’s a wild series of events that brought us here. 

We started as four college mates who wanted to do different things in life. Each of us had a different thought process and skillset, but we all had a common rebellion and love for entrepreneurship and the start-up culture, and that is what brought us together.

We started working out of our basements with 2 laptops (one broken) and a few phones. (We are not making this up, pinky promise!) Today we are a team of almost 20+ insanely creative folks with a side of craziness. That’s the thing – if you aren’t a tad bit crazy, you don’t make it to Brandemic. 

Brandemic founding team

So, you might be wondering: “What Happens When I Get #BrandedbyBrandemic?
Let us show you.

The Process

Where the magic lies, and happens Every Single Time!

You searched for one of our services on Google and either found our ad (We run google ads…. All The Time) or an organic listing because Google has ranked us as the best branding agency. (Thanks to our SEO team)

You got an ad on Facebook or Instagram (most probably Instagram, we don’t use Facebook much.) We create some kick-ass ad campaigns for ourselves and our clients.

Someone who follows Brandemic or one of our clients referred you to us. (Our clients friggin love us but not as much as we love them. :P)

Once you find us, you land on our award-winning website, see through our work, get to know us, and maybe even read this page and fill up the enquiry form.

you get a call
from this man.

Akshay Naazare

Co-Founder at Brandemic
Ex - Foodpanda, Ex - Zomato (Sales)

Akshay Naazare

Breaking The Ice

Akshay tells you what Brandemic is all about, understands you, your business, and your requirements and clarifies any doubts that you might have.

PS: We don’t work with everyone, we work with people and brands we vibe with. If we are not on the same page or think that we cannot add value, we do not go forward with the project.

But, if we do, then we get into the second round of discussion to understand the project scope, timelines, and budgeting.

Now, you will be introduced to one of the people below based on your requirements.

Harsh Vijaykumar Brandemic


Founder, Head Of Design
Ex-Red Baton Studios

Pranay Brandemic


Co-Founder, Head Of Web
Ex – Foodpanda, Ex – Shopmatic

Abhinav Agarwal Brandemic


Co-Founder, Head of Marketing
Ex- Goldman Sachs

Right after the discussion, we send you a questionnaire for us to understand everything better. This is then forwarded to the respective team along with a brief. We allow the relevant team members to take their time to analyse, understand, and get their gears turning.

But here’s a word of caution – We are a tad bit rebellious, so we might not opt to just stick to the brief.

It’s About Breaking Down The Brief, Not Sticking To It.

We have always believed that design is not just a skill but a system of thinking that allows for complex problem-solving. The design thinking process involves breaking the problem from its base root. We have an internal practice where we only pick up the pens after we have thoroughly researched the client’s business line, history, industry trends, and competitors.

Concepts Not Options

Once the team has the brief, we build unique concepts around or beyond it. We encourage each of our clients to take the time to carefully analyse all the concepts. Each concept has a lot of creativity and perspective involved and the initial drafts are always eye-openers. They allow you to get out of your head and think differently. Once we have your feedback and a discussion we then edit, rebuild, or even in some cases merge concepts to arrive at the final output.

Not An Agency, Your Own Goddamn Team!

Brandemic is not just an agency or a vendor. We work like your partners, your very own team. We debate, challenge, and even fight to ensure that things are done in the right way.

Creative Problem Solving,
and Not Just Artwork!

As much as we believe in creative freedom, we get and understand business from its absolute core. And that’s one of the things that makes Brandemic stand apart. We try to ensure that everything that we do has a positive business impact. But sometimes we do things just to make you look cool as well.

Meet the people who will be working with you.

Design Division



Visual Communications Lead

Brandemic Logo


UI/UX Lead & Senior Graphic Designer

Anusha Brandemic


Senior Graphic Designer & 3D Visualiser



Senior Graphic Designer

Abhishek Brandemic


Graphic Designer & Video Animator

Web Division

Zayn Brandemic


Website & Tech Lead



Website Developer

Marketing Division

Harsh Vishvakarma Brandemic


Lead Content Writer & Creator



Performance Marketing Analyst

Harshith brandemic


SEO Specialist

Brandemic Logo


Content Writer

Brandemic Logo


Creative Communications Lead

From the formulation of the brand to its launch and growth, we will take the journey with you. So.. are you ready to #GetBrandedByBrandemic?

Though, all of us have our own rage within ourselves, we have a common rebellion and that is why Brandemic exists.

We have big things planned for us, we would be more than glad to take you along.