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Embarking on a journey with the iconic Paper Boat was nothing short of a creative odyssey for Brandemic. Paper Boat, a brand synonymous with cherished memories and flavorful concoctions, inspired us to weave a visual narrative that mirrored the brand’s playful spirit. Known for their unique beverage experiences, Paper Boat’s iconic paper boat bottles became our muse, setting the stage for a design exploration to capture the essence of each delightful flavour.





Crafting Waves,
Defying Limits


To decode and translate the essence of Paper Boat’s existing packaging.


Designing export cartons that not only highlighted the product but also complemented it.


Finding the right colour schemes to match the unique Paper Boat packaging.


Balancing the need for distinction among flavours while maintaining brand image.


These Challenges

Our solution was an intricate dance of design elements, where illustrations from each flavour gracefully floated along the waves of the cheerful drink. We meticulously crafted export cartons that not only showcased the product but also celebrated its individuality. The challenge of maintaining a delicate balance was overcome through the thoughtful placement of vibrant colours and complementary illustrations. The result? Packaging that doesn’t just hold a beverage but tells a story – a visual journey that captures the spirit of Paper Boat’s diverse flavours.


Colors Unleashed,
Stories Afloat


The essence of our design process was anchored in capturing more than just a product – it was about creating an immersive journey.

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PaperBoat-Packaging Design-Brandemic

We recognized that our packaging had to transcend beyond being a mere container for Paper Boat becoming a vessel of flavourful memories. Our design inspiration, marked by a balance of playfulness and distinctiveness, served as our guiding principle. By infusing vibrant hues, whimsical fruit illustrations, and a hint of nostalgia into the packaging, we aimed to ensure that each package narrated the distinctive story of every flavour, fostering a profound connection with the consumer base.

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Pack of 6

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Where Efforts
Turn Fruitful

Our efforts bore fruit as the revamped packaging not only resonated with Paper Boat’s loyal audience but also attracted new admirers. Visual storytelling through packaging became a powerful tool, creating an emotional connection between the brand and its consumers. The vibrant, playful, and distinctive identity we crafted for Paper Boat now sails proudly on the shelves, making a splash in the competitive beverage market. It’s not just a carton; it’s a Paper Boat story waiting to be unfolded with every sip.

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