Slip Slips

by Woke Nutrition


Slip Slips by Woke Nutrition is a revolutionary nutrition supplement that uses the power of nano-science to make health fun and easy. It’s a stunning product that solves a massive problem – making the right nutrition easy and accessible. Slip Slips are little oral nano strips that you can place on your tongue and they quickly dissolve, providing you with all the nutrients and vitamins that you need to solve specific problems, like Hangovers, Hairfall, Insomnia, or PMS.



Nutrition - D2C


Cool & Funky


To position Slip Slips as a cool and funky nutrition brand without compromising its credibility.


Make it appealing to the gen-z and millennials as they were the target audience.


Effectively communicate how to consume the product.


Making sure the product was extremely accessible and portable.


For Accessibility

The packaging design for this brand was a game-changer. Not only was it easy to transport and consume, but it was also a conversation starter. The magnetic flap on the 30s pack and the flap-lock system on the 10s pack added to the appeal of the product making it stand for innovation.

Hitting The Target


Since the name was pretty big, we wanted to make the logo as compact as possible. When you look at the packaging and the entire feel of the brand, you can instantly understand who the product is for. We ensured that the product had a clear positioning that differentiated it from all the other brands in the market, and hence the entire brand had a very youthful tone, pop-colored packaging and theme, and a conversational communication style to create a direct connection with the audience in the age range 20-35.


Slip It, Forget It


Before finalizing the current brand identity, we went through over 12 options with the client.

Why Should Health
Be Boring?

The packaging was as unique
as the product itself.

A Cool
Shopping Experience


We built an e-commerce website for Woke Nutrition that would serve as their main platform for sales.

On A Mission To Make Health Cool

We went ahead and created a very unique-looking website that incorporated all the brand elements to build a strong recall. The tone of voice of the brand was used throughout the website, really solidifying what the brand stood for. The product photoshoots were scaled into web banners. Further, we integrated simple checkouts, seamless flow, and automated email systems to give a push to the entire sales process.

Ads That Work


We created high-performing, low-cost ads just shot with a phone camera for Slip Slips, that let the people know of its benefits in a fun and engaging way. A script framework was developed to create a solid association and recall along with taking the apprehensions headon, reulting in a 2.6X ROAS and over 5000+ units being sold. We received great feedback from the audience about the ads, received massive engagement, and subsequent results. It helped the brand in gaining credibility and the trust of the masses in one of the trickies sectors in advertising – healthcare!
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With A Bang

With our innovative packaging, we were able to successfully position Slip Slips as a new-age brand. The market received the design really well and we saw early adoption of the product. Thanks to our packaging and marketing strategy, we were able to sell 1600+ units within the first three months, even though the brand was much newer than most of the competitors in the market.

PS: Not to brag, but we bagged two golds, both National and South Zone during the FoxGlove Awards 2022 for best Packaging for Slip Slips.

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