DotMe is a supercharged link-in-bio tool that’s set to revolutionise the Global Creator Ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates all your social and web accounts into one beautifully designed interface, keeping your bio dynamically updated with your latest content. Creators and brands can effortlessly share their engagement rates across all platforms, transforming their profiles into powerful media kits for collaborations.





Choose the right
place to
your content


Communicating the essence of the brand through an iconic logo.


Building a brand story and identity to which our key audience in the creative industry could relate to.


Simplifying a complex chain of communication and functionalities on the website.


Meeting speculated timelines for UI/UX and development.


Crafting an Unique
and Relatable Brand Identity

In tackling these branding challenges, we took a modern and strategic approach to craft a spectacular brand identity that resonates with Gen Z users and the creative industry alike. By diving deep into the brand’s essence, we designed an iconic logo that captures its values and aspirations. Our brand narrative speaks directly to creative professionals, fostering a strong connection. We simplified website functionalities through user-centric design, ensuring a seamless experience.

Designed For The
Creator In You


The logo for DotMe features a modified typeface, with the letter “O” cleverly depicted as a portal, symbolizing a gateway that transcends the audience into the world of the creator and everything that they have to offer. The color palette infuses the brand with a cool and edgy vibe while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Designed to resonate with Gen Z and similar audiences, the brand identity adopts a casual tone and design, yet remains trustworthy in its presentation.

Aesthetics Designed To Match
An Unmatched Vision


The landing page for DotMe serves as a key marketing material – within this deliverable, the task was to compile all of information about the product and translate it through the brand story.


We work with
some great ideas

By crafting a compelling brand identity that resonates with their target audience, we’ve enabled them to stand out in a crowded market. Our strategic approach has not only attracted investors but has also driven significant user adoption since their launch. DotMe’s success serves as a testament to the power of effective branding in creating differentiation and fostering trust.

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