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Pal Exports

Pal Exports is a pioneer in the fabric and apparel manufacturing industry with a rich legacy. The business was originally set up in 1952 and has been growing ever since with many successful decades under its belt. With three manufacturing units in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Vapi, Pal Exports envisions creating a brand that defines its success not only through revenues, turnovers, and profits but largely by their contribution towards a better world.


The project was a bit tricky as the Indian textile manufacturing sector as a whole has never been focused on creating an effective brand positioning. We wanted to position Pal Exports as a global company that is trustworthy and a benchmark of quality. To create a distinguished identity, we created a logo with an icon within the typeface showing the core business of the brand, the color pallets were chosen to further solidify the trust element of the brand and create a strong recall value that would position the brand globally. The branding exercise targeted large suppliers, contractors, and distributors in the textile industry who rely on trust, history, and the management of the company to make purchase/alliance decisions.

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    Brand Redesign, UI/UX Design

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    Logo & Rebranding, UI/UX, Website

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    Pal Exports

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