EOSGlobe is a business process management company offering high-quality services powered by cutting-edge digital technologies. With over two decades of extensive domain expertise across industry verticals and a robust digital footprint, they are committed to providing strategic partnerships to their clients, helping them transform their business, optimize costs, and boost productivity. EOSGlobe is a global enterprise with offices in multiple locations having a diverse business portfolio comprising Next-Gen BPO and KPO services.



BPO - Service/B2B


The Brand


Since EOS was a global brand and a legacy, the identity had to maintain the commanding identity that could escalate the brand to global stature.


It was challenging to convince the clients to move away from their old colour palette and identity as it was outdated and the brand needed a complete repositioning.


To research and create content that required technical expertise and an in-depth understanding of client’s business verticals.


Understanding the BPO industry thoroughly and incorporating the stakeholders vision with our creativity and innovation.


Not Sticking To
The Brief

The client initially wanted us to alter the logo to reposition the brand but after a thorough discussion, we decided to completely revamp the entire brand identity to give it an all-new look and feel that would help us position EOS as a global and futuristic technology brand.

Always Evolving


The logo was created with the intention of establishing the business as a globally transformational business that is always expanding and evolving to adapt to and support continual technological advances. As a result, we used a flowing infinite structure in our logo to represent flexibility, growth, and evolution. The globe’s design emphasizes the world’s modern technological view.


Making An Impact

We created an impactful website to showcase the offerings of EOS Globe. Custom illustrations were added throughout the website. The website was also extremely easy to navigate and effective for lead generation. The tone of voice used throughout the website was one of authority and credibility.



A Fresh Identity

The revamped brand identity was scaled across their website and other collateral. The fresh brand identity was received very well by the industry. The revamp allowed EOS to effectively position and enter the American market.

Make The Move


If you’re looking for a holistic agency to work on your big dream, just say the magic words!

Good Stuff

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