Swag Labs


SwagLabs is a key player in the corporate merchandising industry. SwagLabs was founded with a simple goal: to be the go-to place for anyone looking to purchase quality promotional products without any hassle. They envision curating only the best products and streamlining the entire buying and distribution process in a rather unorganized sector.



Corporate Merchandising - B2B


Formal Yet


To create an identity that can create an effective positioning for the brand and appeal to the target market.


Find the right balance between corporate and fun. Though the target market is more specific to corporates the idea was to create a fun positioning for the brand thereby it needed to have the right balance of thought processes.


The communication had to be made in a way that was crisp yet creative. The aim was to find a mid-way between formal and quirky.


The website design had to be created in a way that allowed for an immersive user experience as well as effective lead generation.


A Distinct
Look & Feel

To create a solid brand identity and differentiate it from other brands in the market, we decided to create a sharp and distinct visual communication guideline for SwagLabs with a balanced tone of voice. This was done to position the brand for the target group which comprises of both young startups and large corporates.

We Got Swag


We used vibrant colours to make the brand feel bold. The logo of SwagLabs was derived from geometric shapes that are arranged in a unique pattern that creates the brand’s initials. The whole ideology behind geometric shapes is to introduce dynamism and scale. These shapes can be arranged in infinite ways and be used for communication across the website, on social media, and on any marketing collateral thereby creating a strong brand recall and uniformity while allowing for diverse usage without restrictions.


Bold & Vibrant

We created an impactful website to really showcase the offerings of SwagLabs. Custom motion animations were added throughout the website. The website was also extremely easy to navigate and effective for lead generation. The Swaglabs website was built with a unique e-commerce type buying experience but with a custom inquiry funnel.



Showing Off
The Swag

The entire brand language and visual communication is very unique and scalable, giving SwagLabs the feel of a tech product that is innovative and extremely user-friendly. The website helped the client to attract quality leads into his funnel.

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