Capup is a startup in the FinTech space based out of Bangalore that helps startups, MSMEs, and corporates raise capital, provide liquidity solutions, and access alternate investment opportunities. Capup approached Brandemic to reconstruct its brand identity and revamp its website. Capup wanted us to create a website with clear communication and an easy-to-use interface with a seamless flow focusing on product education and trust-building.




Is Everything


We had to create an effective positioning for Capup that would allow it to be synonymous with ‘trust-worthy’ and ‘technologically advanced’.


The website had to be designed in a way that is reinstated with both the demand and supply side, which meant the website needed to educate companies looking to raise capital or liquidity solutions and consumers looking to invest in alternate investments for high-risk and high-reward.


Further, there were multiple complex products that Capup was offering and hence Brandemic was brought in to simplify the communication and make the entire offering attractive and exciting.


The entire user flow had to be seamless to allow people to easily navigate through the website, the core objective was to make it extremely easy for visitors to convert to clients.


Clean, Crisp, & Clear

With the above-stated challenges, we did a deep-dive competitor analysis and understood that we needed to position the offerings in a way that would generate interest and use social proof along with the company’s achievements in order to drive conversion.

We used a clean layout with white spacing and illustrations to explain the product and its benefits. Traditionally, all finance-related websites were extremely text-heavy. We wanted visitors to get curious about the product and generate curiosity, hence we refrained from explaining too much on the entire website, instead, we opted to make it extremely simple and combined the design with a punchy copy and important statistics to communicate effectively, establish the brand and its offerings.

To make the website more interactive, we also added animations to the illustrations throughout the website. We designed custom icons that helped in effective communication and keeping the website crisp.

Growth & Scale


The brand identity we designed for Capup was focused on showcasing growth. The logo itself is a symbol of growth. Furthermore, the icon in the logo was created with segmentation and color differentiation to depict the diverse sectors that Capup works with.

Interactive & Optimized


For developing Capup’s website, we scaled their brand guide. The target audience was young startups and MNCs. The website was designed to be interactive and used Lottie animations. A form was built for the filtration of data and maintaining a database. The whole website was tablet and mobile-optimized.

Tech Made Simple


Capup needed a clean, easy-to-use interface for their two tech dashboards. We designed a UI that was simple enough that anyone could navigate it, but still gave the user the ability to dig deeper into the data they were looking for.


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In addition to the main website and branding, we also got the mandate to design the UI for the product extension – a dashboard that gives insights on how an investor’s investment has been performing (you would be able to access this after signing up for Capup) which followed the same design language and philosophy. The entire facelift made the user retention increase several folds.

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