Altius Hospitals is a chain of multi-specialty hospitals based out of Bangalore. Altius has a legacy of 16+ years of being pioneers in the women’s healthcare space. They are India’s number 1 center of Laparoscopic Surgery.

When we got the project of rebranding Altius Hospitals, we were ready and excited for this extremely challenging project. We were not establishing a brand identity for a new brand, rather we had the challenge of re-branding one of India’s top hospitals in its domain, with an eminent legacy.




Is Everything


To create a fresh brand identity for one of India’s leading hospital chains within its domain.


To maintain a recall value as the brand already had a legacy of 16+ years. Hence retaining certain elements from its older version to create association was imperative.


A hospital has thousands of micro-elements and collaterals that come with it. We needed to ensure that the branding exercise was done in a way that could scale across everything from print collaterals to huge hoardings to all elements within and outside the hospital.


The branding exercise had to enable the brand to position itself with some of India’s largest hospital chains.


Science & Beyond

The design of the logo was ideated through the brand’s ultimate motto, to serve and save lives. This gave us the base thought process for the logo. This was then clubbed with the brand’s growth and legacy. The logo is therefore a combination of the organization’s core – science and beyond.

The entire visual identity was created with an iconic logo that can be scaled across anything with an extremely high recall value. To solve for association, we opted to keep the base the same as before.

In terms of brand communication, the entire brand tone was directed towards trust and safety. The brand communication revolved around trust, innovation, care, and technology. Hashtags like #AltiusCares #PlaceSaferThanHome were used to create a buzz around the brand.

A Sign Of Trust


The visual identity of the brand was ideated to communicate trust and safety through its palette colors, typography, and design elements like the logo mark, logo system, color scheme, and typography techniques.


Comfort & Safety


We worked with Altius Hospitals on the interior branding for their new state-of-the-art facility. To maintain the same tone of safety and comfort that a person needs when in a hospital setting, we branded the hospital in such a way that all elements reflect this, including colors, font choice, and illustrations.

Seamless Experience


We worked with Altius to create a seamless experience for their customers, from the moment they land on their homepage to the moment they book an appointment. Our web team made sure that the flow was smooth and effective for lead generation so that potential patients could easily find what they were looking for and book appointments easily.

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