OmRx is a visionary attempt to create a mobile app that could solve some of the biggest issues in healthcare faced by medical practitioners including patient record management, appointment management, referral tracking, etc. We managed to build an entire health management system inside a mobile app which connects the entire healthcare ecosystem keeping the doctor as the center of the ecosystem. We created and designed the workflow and the UI/UX design for the OmRx suite of mobile applications – this included individual apps for doctors, patients, pharmacists, lab technicians, and hospitals.



Thought Process


Colour coding has been a major aspect of branding the OmRx suite of apps as the product had to scale into a huge feature set and multiple apps within a suite.

The circle in the OmRx logo represents the healthcare ecosystem and the fingerprint marks on the rims represent how each medical case is unique to itself. The center icon is kept dynamic to represent the app function within the suite.


An Entire EMR System
Inside An App Suite


One of our biggest challenges was solving for easy and seamless navigation.


Working with the tech team to figure out the various possibilities and challenges of implementation.


To enable a suitable appointment and communication system between doctors, patients, labs, and pharmacies.


Linking the entire suite to seamlessly function with each other.


Figuring Out Gaps In The Market

Our team did a user persona research of 50-60 individuals, this ranged from doctors, lab technicians, hospital owners, and patients.