7 Incredible Examples Of Creative Packaging Design



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Packaging is an essential part of creating a product you want to sell, which means it can have major impacts on both customers’ experiences with your brand and overall sales.

Packaging design isn’t something that most shoppers notice; at least, they don’t think they do. But subconsciously at least, it can make an enormous difference to the buying experience, and to overall sales. 

To get you started, we’ve gathered together 7 innovative and incredible examples of creative packaging design from different product sectors. 

1. Fitcrops

The company’s headquarters are in the bustling city of Mumbai, India. They specialise in different functions of marketing and analysing with an emphasis on media research for advertising strategies to reach audiences more effectively. The company offers a wide range of services such as advertising, business analysis, planning services, audience delivery analysis, media research, media buying strategies, film marketing, and celebrity management. 

2. Roots

Roots Zero Waste is a Mumbai-based initiative towards a greener planet and sustainable living. Brandemic had the pleasure to create the entire branding from the “roots” An end to end project involving logo design, brand identity design, packaging design, e-commerce website design, and Instagram launch design.

The packaging design was structured keeping the vision of the brand in mind. Our packaging generated curiosity amongst the buyers regarding what the product stood for.

3. Agrostreet

Agrostreet is an innovative FMCG and agro brand based out of Salem, Tamil Nadu. Agrostreet is focused on procuring its products from tribals around Tamil Nadu who have been using organic ways of cultivation and farming for ages using natural pesticidal plants avoiding any usage of chemicals and synthetic pesticides.

The brand was also looking to effectively position itself and scale into the global market of superfoods like millets which is deemed to be the future of food technology with over 25000% increase in demand over the past few years.

The packaging design created by Brandemic allowed the brand to position itself effectively while appealing to a niche customer segment.

4. Earthnut

Earthnut is an Emerging Chikki Brand. Chikki is a small nut-based sweet snack that is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent. Chikki products are generally unbranded and that limits the market for this product considerably, with big brands stealing most of the limelight.

The packaging design for Earthnut is inspired to be classy and sophisticated. To create a clear distinction and appeal to people who are hygiene-conscious, the design needed elements of sustainability, cleanliness, and purity and therefore the illustrations along with the fun flowy font were placed with dark green as the primary color to bring together all these varied aspects and communicate it effectively with the logo.

The branding was framed in a way that could scale into beautiful packaging that could stand out when kept on the shelves, also creating opportunities in the ever-growing export sector which could be a potential space the brand could expand into.

5. Olive Paints

Olive Paints, an emulsion paint manufacturing and distribution company focused on growing its consumer base.

The paint market in India is extremely difficult to penetrate with dominant players who have a large market share and massive marketing budgets.

Olive Paints’ packaging was positioned to appeal to the mass consumer market and focused on people looking for affordable and economic solutions for their homes and commercial properties.

As tempting as it was to go into a slightly luxury design style, we stuck to creating a commercial design since it was imperative for the design to speak to the target market looking for economical options. A classic case where the design was focused on solving a business problem and creating.

6. The Urban India

The Urban India is an FMCG startup based out of Bhagalpur, Bihar.

The packaging project for UrbanIndia came with three clear guidelines. It had to be modern, Indian, and scalable. The colors used in the packaging allowed it to give it an Indian feel. 

The brand design ensures scalability by being generic and avoiding product-specific elements. The aesthetics of the design gives it a very earthy feel creating a very strong positioning and association.

7. Assam Blend

A tea powder brand based out of Mumbai – Assam Blend. 

A classy vibrant packaging design was created to resonate with the market segment that the product has as a target market. 

Often the most important part of packaging especially within the FMCG space is not only to look different and appealing but also to create an instant connection and association with the core product and the target customer.