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Why And How Should You Rebrand Your Business - Brandemic

Covid entered our lives in 2019 and changed the fate of all major industries drastically. Many companies went through big changes and cut down on their expenses/staff to sustain these difficult times. But with incessant vaccination drives, we are trying to salvage this disaster gradually and companies are also making the most of this change. What we need right now is some positive collaborations with professional branding companies to reinstate businesses to their original state. 

Rebranding is a major step towards getting back the lost prestige and vigor of a company. There are several reasons why you should hire a GOOD BRANDING AGENCY and get a much-deserved rebranding done for your brand/business. If you find yourself in these following predicaments then you, my friend, need to get the process of rebranding started ASAP.

Reasons behind rebranding

Re-establishing yourself due to the lull created by the pandemic

When Covid-19 wreaked havoc in our lives in 2019, many industries collapsed especially the hospitality and tourism industry, it took a brutal hit. But with time, we have managed to adapt to a weird post-pandemic lifestyle rather solemnly. What a branding agency will do is give your enterprise a makeover and revitalize all its digital platforms like social media, official website and all other online content/collaterals. This may prove to be less expensive because you already have an established digital presence, you just need to bring it back to life.

Re-engaging with your target audience

All companies evolve with time and their products also go through a metamorphosis. But what happens with this change is the lack of re-working on target audience. Your new products may not generate revenue because your market research module is outdated. Your SEO strategies also take a hit eventually and your website loses traffic. This is when SEO COMPANIES need to recalibrate a strategy for you and make it tailor-made as per current trends.

To give your brand a fresh update and work on the overall look

Many brands desperately are in need of a make-over because it has been a long time since their last branding and times have changed in regards to current industry trends and demand. A professional agency will know what your brand needs and execute strategies accordingly.

You are planning to expand your business and dive into a new marketplace

Many companies venture into different business verticals once they have established themselves in their industry. This is when rebranding helps in letting your audience know what the expansion is all about and what are the reasons behind it. A good branding company will leverage your product USP in a lucrative manner to help you enter new markets seamlessly. 

As part of a reputation management move

Public outrage through social media is a legitimate problem these days and it is important to salvage such tricky matters with reputation management solutions provided impeccably by skilled branding agencies. Their indispensable input in handling such situations may lead to a sophisticated post-disaster rebranding project.

To stand out in the competition

Competition is by far the most crucial reason behind rebranding. The Internet has made way for a lot of private companies in the market and sustaining any business in such conditions can be stressful. Rebranding will help you shine in your arena and turn all heads towards your brand.

To let the world know about a merger or new ownership

Many companies form mergers with other companies and if you’ve recently made this successful jump then rebranding will help you align your brand identity with your new business expansion. Incorporating this new company with your current one and syncing them both in a harmonious way is crucial.

Launch of a new product range

Rebranding is a very important stage for any company when you launch a brand new product that could change the fate of your business and want it to reach every household. It is a lucrative way of associating your product launch with your brand.

How to rebrand your business

Now that you know why your business might need a rebranding in 2023, we can move ahead and talk about how you might want to do that. There are a couple of ways you can start your rebranding process as these pointers have a huge impact on your audiences.

Redesigning the website

One of the easiest ways of rebranding is to get your website redesigned by accomplished WEB DESIGN COMPANIES. Your enterprise website needs to be in sync with current industry trends and discard an outdated layout. A swanky design that is aligned with your brand identity will seal the deal with your audiences. You can also get your website photography redefined while you are at it.

Redesigning the logo

Your logo is the cornerstone of your company’s identity. Your target audience will associate your company with your logo for as long as your business exists and even after that. Many times, logo designs might be outdated and look a tad bit old and boring and giving it a refreshing design spin will benefit your company immensely. For example, Google keeps reinventing its logo from time to time to grab attention and be in sync with the current generation.

Reworking on the brand identity and overall branding (Slogan, brand name etc)

When you think of rebranding, just redesigning the logo may sometimes be enough but you can always go for the entire package and rework your slogan and brand name as well if it is the need of the hour. Many companies hire world-renowned branding companies for this job as the recreated identity will be a part of your business for a lot of years to come. This also includes changing or altering your official company color palette and typography as well.


Having a flourishing business in 2023 is nothing short of climbing Mount Everest and if you want to reach the pinnacle of success then rebranding might help you reach your goals. You just need to know what elements you want to work on and the kind of impact you are looking for. Making sure you take help of a team that is well adept in rebranding and turns your dwindling revenue charts to a whooping profit knockout.

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Brijesh Jakharia co-founded SPINX Digital in 2005 and takes great pride in crafting web and mobile marketing solutions for mid-market businesses to enterprises. Marketing is his passion, and the thrill to build a brand from the ground up has helped him craft successful brand stories for world-class clients. While not at work, he loves to spend his time on research and reading digital content stories.

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