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It is the process that makes our work so much fun, but our greatest joy comes from helping our partners achieve impactful results. Have a look around!


There's Always A 'We' In Our Wins! Here Are A Few Accolades
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Foxglove Awards - 2022


Marketers' Excellence Awards - 2022


Big Bang Awards - 2021


Foxglove Awards - 2020

We believe what separates a great design from a good design is its ability to solve problems. We try to design-think through everything we do at Brandemic.

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Good UI can raise your website’s conversion rate by up to 200%.


74% of visitors will return to a website if it has a good mobile UX design.


75% of consumers form an opinion about your website’s credibility based solely on its aesthetics.

Is Your User Experience
Making The Right Impact?

What exactly is UX design?

User experience (UX) design is an umbrella term that encompasses the entire process of developing products and services that provide users with intuitive and delightful experiences.

User Experience Design is commonly represented by terms such as “UI/UX Design” or “Usability Design.” UI (User Interface) Design and Usability Design, on the other hand, are subsets of UX Design.

The goal of user experience design is to create products that are not only usable but also engaging, efficient, and enjoyable to use.

How Can Good User Experience Help Businesses?

UX design is as important as sales, branding, or marketing for any company that delivers its service or product via an app or website. Because good UX design has a direct impact on the bottom line.

It has been discovered that “every dollar invested in UX returns $100.” This is a typical figure, but it represents a 9,900 percent ROI. This outstanding return is the result of an increased conversion rate, increased customer retention, lower customer acquisition costs, lower support costs, and improved trust and market share.

What Is The Difference Between UI/UX Design And Web Design?

The primary distinction between UI/UX design and web design is that web design focuses on the appearance of a website, whereas UI/UX design focuses on the experience of using a site or app. The ultimate goal of UI/UX design is to create something that changes a user’s desired behaviour and decision-making process, not just looks “nice.”

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Know the Process

Brandemic has over 300+ clients across India and overseas, all the clients listed on the website are legitimate business houses; we would encourage you to search our clients on google and find out about their experience of working with Brandemic. Our clients absolutely love us but not as much as we love them, obviously. We managed to bag 10+ recognised awards in various fields against some of the biggest brands out there. But, most importantly, we are a group of fun-loving, talented, creative, and interesting bunch of people and there’s no one you’ll have more fun working with than Brandemic.

Well, it’s a simple process. Click here to find out more about the team and our process.

Since all projects require different amounts of resources, time, and skillset, we assess the cost of the project post. But, as a rule of thumb, our minimum budget is 1.5 Lacs. However, we can assure you that the value delivered is exponentially higher than the price charged.

We have successfully completed projects across 25+ domains and industries. Have a look at some of our past projects.

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