Quant Momo


QuantMomo aims to provide individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to engage in investing using a structured and rule-based methodology. In contrast to the investment approach, where the effects of market unpredictability and various factors often lead to financial losses, QuantMomo advocates for adopting a rules-based investment system. They offer an array of products and services crafted to begin the application of rules-based investing. Among these are many algorithmic strategies designed to help investors in navigating the investment landscape. Also, an innovative app compatible with both mobile and desktop devices is a product pool they dip their hands into!




Brand Equity


Algorithmic trading sounds complicated enough, and all the players in the segment have a very serious positioning with complicated communication. Hence, we wanted to do something totally different…


To position the brand as an easier and more effective alternative to traditional investing.


To make the brand convey their message without over-complicating the language and message.


To stand out against competitors and present a unique front with a fun yet informative interface.


Diverse User Portfolio

Combining insights from QuantMomo along with our expertise and research, our UX was designed to enhance the overall experience of users of the website. We created multiple personas and performed rigorous user testing to bring the ultimate user experience to life. Infused with the core principles of QuantMomo’s disciplined methodology, we crafted an interface that connects with our users and equips them to effortlessly make well-informed decisions.

A Blue Chip


We used illustrations of a robotic momo to give the brand image a sense of whimsy while also not distracting from the overall message of the website. The Momo mascot was designed to effectively portray the ease of use of the platform.


We wanted to show a website that flows as effortlessly as a rule-based approach to investing.

Uncomplicating The Communication

Enabling Interactions

We wanted to build and ensure engagement and intractability throughout the brand’s presence.

Hitting All Targets


We worked on making the platform for QuantMomo look both visually attractive and fulfillingly informative. We used bold colours for bases and texts to make the information jump out of your screen and stay with you.


Set For
A Bull Run

Our work with QuantMomo proves that the right branding, communications and web development services can help in creating clear distinction and unique positioning. QuantMomo is seeing massive traction and is all set for a massive bull run.

Make The Move


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