How To Hire A Right Marketing Agency:
Get The Right Bang For Your Buck



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How do you get people to know about your problem-solving products? Earlier, it was done through word of mouth and ads in the newspaper. And people’s knowledge was limited to their circle; if your mom’s aunt had bought a piece of jewelry from a merchant, it was likely that your mom would prefer the same jeweler. 

In the era of no internet, the competition or the crimes were still the same; however, awareness was limited. Today, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his cute stalking skills, you will get a plethora of waffle maker options delivered to your phone before you even start craving waffles.  

This means twenty different brands are making the same product, fighting over the same customers. In the face of people pleasing, how do you avoid being toxic and yet get noticed? Marketing. 

Self-plugins at every event can only get you so far. Eventually, you’ll need to hire a marketing agency to be seen and heard. These wizards are constantly brewing the magic potion of success and can trigger every sweet spot to elevate your brand

But how does one select the right marketing agency to fulfill their make-my-every-post-trending fantasy? A check-list. 

Note down all your priorities and see which agency can satisfy them all.

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The check-list to find your product's better half should be go something like this

Many of these things are what a marketing agency expects from its clients. So with these seven tips on how to get the most out of your agency, let’s explore what you can do to get the best bang for your buck:

Have a clear vision to articulate better

What is the role of a marketing agency? To help you reach your target audience and make you famous. Unfortunately, they do not read minds. So, it is your responsibility to have a clear goal to make better decisions.

Similarly, if you don’t know what you want, it’ll lead to unnecessary back and forth. Clear vision can help you articulate better and save everyone’s time.

Do your own research first

Before you search for “Top 10 marketing agencies for start-ups”, take a deep look inward. Ask yourself three questions:

While we ourselves are clueless about the first question, the other two can help immensely. Also, communicate better by introducing your marketing agency to you and your competition. Get the fundamentals right for these experts to make that change happen.

Pay on time

Even though the customer is king, you don’t let them take you out on a test drive without seeing those green bills. So why any different with these hard-working souls? They sacrifice their festivals over your campaigns and clicks. 

Agencies work with a broad spectrum of personalities, so they have heard every excuse in the book for late payments. Marketing companies work hard for you and only ask for respect and regular payments.

Partners, not vendors

After a point, any work gets monotonous and boring, but what keeps us all thriving is a healthy and respectable environment. Even though these experts are technically your vendor, treating them as equal partners will make them feel like a genuine part of your business and enable them to strive for excellence. 

Make people around you feel welcome and valued to get the best out of them. This psychological trick can be beneficial and rewarding in maintaining long-term relationships of any kind.

Be realistic

If a marketing agency could have a dollar for every time somebody said, we are bootstraps, so we cannot afford much, they would be filthy rich and never work again. 

Be realistic with your expectation of the timeline and budget. If you want a flawless job, facilitate them with the right resources and space. Anybody can churn out content, but it takes time to create long-lasting impressions. 

The same goes for budget; remember, you get what you pay for. If you are tight on a budget, look for ways to do it on your own or sketch up a plan accordingly. Per-project basis or retainers work best for start-ups with funding constraints. 

Constructive feedback sessions

Creative people thrive on assurance and positive feedback. So when you see a job well done or poor performance, communicate. Let the agency know what you think, don’t wait for them to figure it out. 

Don’t just send written text or messages; not every meeting can be an email. Show up for calls to communicate faster and better. 

Clear Boundaries

If you are a mass producer of goods and services, you might have to juggle between a mix of agencies. Most agencies work alongside happily. However, it is vital for you as a client to draw a defined line of roles and responsibilities. 

This prevents passing the parcel of confusion and discomfort. If your agency is happy, it’ll reflect on your campaigns and growth. So, remember clear boundaries so you don’t fall in the soup of your own or others’ mistakes. 

Lastly, Avoid as many “can you just” requests. Based on your brief, somebody has put in hours and hours of work, compromising their sleep to get it right. While you are paying them to do so, consider the idea before discarding it. Remember, we are all just human versions of cucumbers with anxiety. Treat everyone with kindness. 

Now that you have all the basics down, ready to brew some thunderstorms with Brandemic. We might or might not have experience in your industry, but we can surely bring in a different take from our walks of life.

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