Early mornings and Nike!



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I have never been a morning person, but there is something strangely beautiful about the vibe we get on an early morning before the sun rises. The calm, the breeze, the ease. Unsurprisingly, 8 out of every 10 billionaires agree that their best ideas have come when they are out on an early morning walk!

And as I was thinking of all this, I was astonished by how Nike tapped into this market. A multi-billion dollar market of people who go for walks and jogs early morning. The best part – they did not become the biggest players in the market, they created the bloody market. They spent millions of dollars advertising how morning walks were important. Simply put, they made people go for walks, runs and jog so that they’d need those Nike shoes.

The interesting thing is that businesses today are not just about human needs. In fact, the biggest businesses today are based on human behavior and emotions. Why are the teams playing in NBA worth hundreds of million dollars? give it a thought! All they really did is tap into the human emotion. The intense human emotion of passion and turned that into a business.

Nike gauged this and collaborated with athletes and took advantage of the entertainment industry that was growing exponentially – that’s how the legendary Air Jordans were created!

So, if you think about it – some of the habits that feel natural to us are actually a result of multi-million dollar ad campaigns run by these monster companies. That’s what ads do and that’s exactly what branding does. 

How, when people see a tick- mark on Ronaldo’s shoes Nike sales grosses 10 million dollars in a single night. That’s where branding makes all the difference. It has always been at the heart of building massive businesses that have dominated the markets. And as we continue to grow into a market that is unaffected by distance and dominated by tech, brand identity will be the very base on which we build businesses.

Today Nike is worth roughly 34.8 billion dollars

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