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K’Luxe is a luxury skincare brand based out of Bangalore, India, with a vision of enabling people across the globe to discover and reveal the best version of themselves, making them feel confident, bold, and empowered. K’Luxe found an important market gap. The brand focused on sourcing the best raw materials from across the globe and using them for their products. They were also highly focused on making all their products vegan and cruelty-free.







To make the product stand out from hundreds of brands vying for consumer attention, each promising to deliver the perfect blend of style and function.


To position K’luxe as a luxury skincare brand that uses a minimalistic approach for its visual identity.


We had to ensure that the brand stood for luxury and minimalism but still stood out in a highly saturated market of skincare products.


The probability of looking similar to or getting mixed with other brands that used a gradient in their packaging identity.


A minimal design with a touch of luxury to create an impression that is both trust-building and unforgettable. The logo was created as a simple typeface to keep minimalism in the focus and establish the brand as a luxury brand. The colours, gold, and terracotta, are inspired by the raw and glamorous aspects of nature. These neutral colours blend with other warm tones to give each product an identity of its own.


With the entire branding exercise of K’Luxe, we were successfully able to position the product as a luxury product, and the market received the design really well. We saw early adoption of the product. We were able to generate sales for the products almost immediately though the brand was super new and the pricing was higher than most of the products in the market.

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