BTR Farms


BTR farms or Back To Roots farm is a flagship farmhouse project in Hosur, Tamil Nadu from the Naivedya Group based out of Bangalore. A haven for city dwellers to experience the serenity of nature, BTR farms is a 25-acre destination if one desires peace without distractions.

BTR Farms offers visitors the chance to experience mother nature in its purest form with organic produce and wildlife that will surely feed your appetite for adventure. You can live a thoughtfully planned farmland life in a pollution-free environment complete with organic farms, nature trails, water bodies, and serene views. It’s the perfect getaway.




Making It
Stand Out


To visualize the entire story before moving into illustrations.


Keeping the brochure extremely detailed.


Setting an illustration style that would convey a rustic and minimalistic feel.


The 3-D top view was challenging to create because each of the illustrations had to be designed at a 45-60 degree angle.


A Scalable Experience

The entire brochure was custom designed with illustrations and animated characters, the character and animations were structured in a way that could scale across all projects of BTR farms. Furthermore, the animated experience adds to the entire buying experience for the investors.

An Entire
Animated Experience


The brochure project was extremely interesting, we wanted to animate the entire experience with a Farmville kind of theme – a famous Facebook strategy game from the 2000s. The design would help position the brand extremely differently, in a clogged market of real estate companies that try to focus on trust and excellence, innovation is somewhat lost and unseen.



The brochure was extremely detailed, showcasing life at BTR Farms through a custom map.


Setting A Standard

The brochure was printed and distributed to over 5000 prospects. Our clients also used this design to scale the BTR website. The BTR farm project has inspired many prominent real-estate companies to use the design style created by Brandemic.

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