The 5-step Guide To How To Come Up With a Brand Name



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Every well-established brand was once a start-up, right? Do you know what helped them stand out apart from the rest? Good Branding. When you are new to the industry, you need a unique element for consumers to take a chance at you.

 An effective branding strategy and quality are your key to skyrocketing through the market. If you are starting out or thinking of doing so, continue reading this space.

In this article, we will answer questions like How to come up with a brand name? Is branding needed at all? What is a brand tone? Are trademark and copyright essential? And much more. 

Follow these five kickass steps to make a lasting impression on people and turn readers into buyers:

How to come up with a brand name:

What comes to your mind when we say Häagen-Dazs? A premium line of Ice Cream made in some quaint little town in Europe? Well, you’re mistaken. It is not only a standard Ice cream brand manufactured in New York City but also the name signifies nothing. 

The owner, a polish immigrant, used the brand name as a unique marketing technique, and boy! It did wonders. The brand name itself is enough to set it apart from the rest. Do you get the point? 

Knowing that multiple brands are going after the audience, it is paramount to be unique and be a class apart. A random phrase of thought will not work.

Though coming up with a brand name is not a science, here are a few things you can keep in mind:


Having a personal connection with your audience is very important. Your brand name needs to evoke emotion to invite potential action.

Easy to understand

Whether it is relationships or business, don’t make things complicated. Your customers have enough problems in life, don’t make it a struggle for them to spell or look for you. Please keep it simple!


Allow yourself to play with words. Come up with something that rings a bell in the user’s mind or leaves an impression. If you cannot wow them, definitely try to leave a mark.


Lastly, make your brand name unique and not something that can be easily mistaken for something else. Try using a metaphor or a musical. Experiment until you get it right!

Define your value, audience, and brand tone:

You cannot have a branding strategy unless you clearly understand these three concepts. If you want customers that stay loyal to you, ask yourself three main questions:

Who is your target audience?

You cannot be more wrong if you think giving a chic name will do the job for you. Just like you have to decide on what you have to sell, you also need to determine whom you want to sell. 

To cater to the younger generation, you need to look more vibrant and less preachy. On the other hand, if you are looking to target baby boomers or Generation X, your products need to be more professional and less experimental.

What are your values?

If we had to ask what are the top 10 things your brand stands for, what would you have to answer? Jot that exact thing down somewhere, and BOOM! You have your brand values. 

Think of your brand value as a diet plan. In the long run, you can only stick to the project if it is realistic and sustainable. So, ensure your values are practical and constant even when you make it big! Because it will help you build a brand loyalty base.

What is your brand tone?

The best exercise here is to think of your brand as a human; what would this human’s personality be? That is your brand tone. You can also draw up a mood board to get inspired. 

Your brand personality can be a quirky, compassionate, sultry, heroic, next-door neighbor, or rebellious. Once you have identified the nature, give that personality a voice and use it across all the platforms to promote your brand.

A strong brand voice will speak for itself. 

How to register your brand

Brand registration involves multiple processes like registering the domain, the company, the trademark logo, and the copyright brand name. Here let’s look at the first two aspects:

Domain registration

With everything going online, your brand presence on the internet is a must. Pick a similar or synonym of your brand name while registering for a domain. This is the first step in protecting your brand name. 

Buying a domain name is cheap and fast, and can be done quickly.

Pro tip: if the .com or .net version of your desired name is taken, try looking for .in or .co.

Company registration

For startups, it is crucial to register their business name. The company name is vital because it will reflect in your invoice copies, bank statements, tax registration, contracts, etc. 

Try to keep the business name close to the brand and domain name. To help with the identification of the brand and make it easier to connect back.

How to trademark brand name and logo

If you thought trademark and copyright were the same, let us help educate you. While a trademark enables you to protect your brand, copyright does not. Copyright is a fundamental right for artistic protection(including cinematography and sound recordings.) 

Need more clarity? Picture the ever-famous Starbucks logo. It has unique artistic characteristics and is protected by copyright. If your brand or logo has no such elements, it cannot be copyrighted. 

This process is relatively faster as compared to trademarking a brand. To initiate the process, you must send an application to the copyright office. 

You can think all you want, but the execution is the end goal. Remember, branding is a long-term relationship rather than a one-night stand. 

Put thought and effort into everything you do to emerge as a great success.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side; we hope this article helps you reach and stay on the luxuriant side.