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RealTap Website

Website Design & Development


Branding and Website Design for Realtap – A Luxury Real Estate Brokerage Firm from Bangalore.




Real estate



To penetrate an extremely competitive, trust-driven, but undoubtedly one of the most exciting sectors: Luxury Real Estate.


To target high net-worth individuals.


To create an identity that can create an effective positioning for the brand and appeal to the target market.


The website design had to be created in a way that allowed for an immersive user experience and effective lead generation.


While branding Realtap, we were focused on creating an identity that reflected class, simplicity and luxury.

The entire brand identity of Realtap, specifically the logo is a classic blend of minimalistic yet sophisticated type form focusing on the letter ‘A’ for distinction, with only one small embellishment to make it stand apart from any other symbol – golden lining running across its length culminating in what can easily be interpreted as protection or boundaries, symbolized by the base triangle. The sharp simplicity makes this elegant house emblematic of Grace and Discernment something truly special, sure to catch anyone’s eye. 

The Realtap website was designed to reflect class and luxury with a simple, sleek design for an enhanced experience. The website is also extremely easy to navigate and effective for lead generation. Custom filters allow you to see homes for sale in a new light while immersive banner images add depth of field so every detail stands out beautifully.


The Realtap website also won two national website design awards – Foxglove and the Big Bang Awards. The website enabled Realtap to tap into the extremely niche market of luxury real estate.

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