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The Indian textile manufacturing sector on the whole has never been focused on creating effective brand positioning, the root of this general behaviour is due to the industry being non-consumer facing. But, as we move towards an economy driven by e-commerce, value propositions, digital presence, trust, and innovation, there are corporations that are taking advantage of being the early movers specifically in the textile manufacturing space.

Pal Exports is a pioneer in the fabric and apparel manufacturing industry with its headquarters in Mumbai. With three manufacturing units in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Vapi, Pal Exports envisions creating a brand that defines its success not only through revenues, turnovers, and profits but mainly by its contribution toward a better world.


Pal Exports





To showcase the rich legacy of the business.


To maintain a seamless flow throughout the website.


To have multiple touch-points for effective lead generation


To position the brand as an international player.


To create a distinguished identity, the colour palettes were chosen to solidify the trust element of the brand and create a strong recall value that would position the brand globally. The website targets large suppliers, contractors, and distributors in the textile industry who rely on trust, history, and the management of the company to make purchase/alliance decisions. A smooth flow was incorporated throughout the website, making it extremely easy to navigate. We made sure to have lead forms on every page for effective lead generation.


Pal Export has been able to generate a lot of traction due to its unique offerings and solid positioning. The brand was able to create an instant connection amongst the target group of customers, solidifying itself as a global player. The website also won two website design awards at the Big Bang Awards.

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