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OmRx is a visionary attempt to create a mobile app that could solve some of the biggest issues in healthcare faced by medical practitioners including patient record management, appointment management, referral tracking, etc. We created and designed the workflow and the UI/UX design for the OmRx app.







The objective with OmRx was to build an entire EHR system for doctors within a mobile phone.


The feature set denoted by the client was to store patient data, digitise patient data for extended continuity of care, manage appointments, keep track of daily finances, receive payments & refer patients to peer doctors & partnered labs. All of this, which is generally a complex EHR software into a simple easy-to-use scalable mobile application.


The biggest challenge was to take one of the most complex workflows we have ever seen and convert it into a user-friendly app that did not require any assistance to use. 


We had to design an entire app suite that comprised of 5 different complex workflows which needed to talk to each other.


We decided to build a scalable system by breaking down each of the objectives into different sections within the product build and connecting them through the bottom sheets. The entire UI/UX had to be designed in a way that would make the app suite seamless and user friendly and most importantly easier than an EHR. We built custom icons, illustrations, and micro-interactions & colour coded the entire product build for ease of association. What makes this build special is the flow systems that we were able to interlink. The target audience we were catering to were doctors, hence keeping the flow extremely simple for them to use was the major challenge. We overcame it by building cubical systems on the home page that would allow them to get to their goals in the easiest way possible. Colour coding each of the objectives made it even simpler for the doctors to navigate. OmRx stands for “Online Medical Reports Exchange”. We also handled the branding and naming for them.


In a very short time over 3000 doctors joined the platform and the company was able to raise funds for their future build based on the UI design that we were able to provide them.

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