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Iced Tag – New York

When we got the opportunity to brand an iced jewelry store from New York, you can imagine how excited we were. The hip-hop culture in the city of New York resonates with most people living there because of the amount of struggle and the amount of success the city has to offer. The icon a monkey wearing some iced jewelry was incorporated to give it a funky cool vibe, which could also be used as a mascot. The typeface used is studded with diamonds to relate directly to the business and appeal to the target audience.


The Icedtag Project was one of our most fun projects, one primary reason being it’s connection with New York City and hiphop. The entire brand was designed to be positioned for the target customer which is attracted towards bling. Hence, when you see the design it is very outright and straight away portrays the business the brand operates in.

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    Brand Strategy, UI/UX Design

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    Logo & Branding, UI/UX, Website

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